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Forex (FX) or foreign exchange is the marketplace for buying and selling currencies of different countries against each other. Forex is one of the largest global financial markets for trading various currencies. The Forex market provides services 24 hours a day. It opens five days a week and operates around the world online. It simply means that any person around the globe has access to currency trading — he or she can buy and sell positions at any time of the workweek. The point is that there is no need for physical presence while currency exchange. Nowadays it is the time of electronic markets. Thus, buying and selling currencies of a particular county against the relative currency of the other county is happening on the Internet. Traders open a specific currency... Read More

How to start your foreign currency trading easily You may wonder why so many people are trying Forex trading? Well, there are many reasons to try it out. Let’s see the most common reasons to dive into the world of trading. You can earn a lot and fast on Forex.You can get tremendous returns in comparison with your initial deposit.You need little money to start trading Forex. You can start with a $1 deposit and proceed with bigger amounts of money later.While trading, you learn new things in the financial sphere, and you get vast experience in real-time. The knowledge you get is unique and practical.You can manage time and earn the way you like. You are your own boss.Moreover, you can earn from almost all places on Earth. All you need – is a steady internet connection. How... Read More

FX market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There are trading sessions which correspond to the time during which stock markets are open in a particular region of the world. Usually, trade volume is higher at the intersection of the sessions. FX day always begins in Australia and New Zealand and then spreads to Asia. After that it’s the turn of Europe and, finally, the United States and Canada join in. You can trade anytime you wish during the working week. You can open your currency position for a couple of hours or even less (intraday trading) or for a couple of days (long-term trading) – just as you see fit.   Approximate time of trading sessions (GMT) Elizabeth... Read More

Let's start with the basics: Forex, or FX, is a foreign exchange market, where you are dealing in currencies. They usually are abbreviated and contain three letters. To help you recognize them without learning every single name by heart, generally, and this is true for many currencies, the first two letters represent the country name, the third letter – the currency name. For example, USD stands for United States dollar, GBP is Great Britain pound, etc. When you first start learning about Forex trading, you'll see that currencies are traded in pairs: EUR/USD, AUD/CHF, NZD/JPY. When placing an order on Forex, you are buying one currency and selling another at the same time, i.e., if you pick the EUR/USD pair to purchase, you are buying euro and selling the dollar and... Read More

How much will it cost you to trade on Forex? The most common way for a broker to ask a trader to pay a fee for the opportunity to trade on the currency market is spread. Here we will explain how spreads work. A spread is a conventional concept for financial markets. It simply represents the price difference between the price at which a trader may purchase or sell an underlying asset. You have definitely experienced spread already when you came to a bank or an exchange office to get foreign currency. The bank always shows two quotes of currency – the one at which it agrees to buy it from you and the one at which it is ready to sell it to you. The spread between these two prices forms the bank’s revenue from the foreign exchange operations it performs for... Read More

The decision to buy or sell the currency pair depends on your expectations of the future price. If you think that EUR/USD will rise, you buy the pair or, in other words, open a long position on this pair. If you think that the EUR/USD will fall, you sell the pair or, as traders say, open a short position on this pair. As some time passes and the price of EUR/USD changes, you close the position and get the profit if the price changed in line with your expectations. If the price moved in the opposite way, you have a loss on this transaction. To perform these operations, you need to place orders – give special commands to your broker in the trading terminal. There are several different types of orders, the main are market orders, pending orders, take profit orders and... Read More

There are so many concepts in trading! Beginner traders can easily be overwhelmed with all of them. We’ve prepared for you a universal guide to the main trading definitions and their application to make you confident enough on Forex. What is a Lot and its Size Everything is simple. A lot is just some currency units. To know the size of a lot, you should understand that one standard lot equals 100,000 base or account currency units. Alongside a standard lot, there are two more types – mini and micro. A mini lot equals 10,000 units when micro – 1,000 units. Before opening a trade, you have to decide the number of money you can spend. Besides a lot, while trading, you may face with such terms as leverage and a pip. What is the Leverage in Trading You have... Read More

There are two things that a trader needs to know about how Forex works before they start trading. These are leverage and margin. So, what is leverage in Forex? Leverage is essentially borrowed capital. It's a sum of money that your broker provides to you so that you could have greater flexibility when trading on Forex. Since the size of Forex lots can be overwhelmingly large, leverage allows you to trade larger lots and open more positions without having to put all of your equity into one huge trade. This is easier to understand through an example. Suppose you decide to use the 1:100 trading leverage. This means that out of the 100% of the money, you provide only 1%, while your broker provides the other 99%. You probably know that when trading on Forex, you are... Read More

Depending on the trading style, Forex day traders may be faced with additional profits or expenses when it comes to holding positions open overnight. If you are only planning on opening and closing your trades within one day, you won't need to worry about that, but it is still worth learning about in case you change your strategy or want to experiment with extended orders. When a person opens and closes a position within one day, they do not have to pay additional interest. However, if they choose to hold the position open overnight, they need to consider the Forex rollover. What is rollover? Rollover is a process when the position is held open overnight. When that happens, the interest rates of the currencies in the FX pair are counted against each other.... Read More

FBS Leverage up to 1:3000Leverage is necessary for a trader to execute orders for amounts significantly exceeding initial deposits and to make a considerable profit even with small investments.With FBS, it is up to you to decide what leverage to trade with – from 1:50 to 1:3000. Leverage will also depend on your account type.And only at FBS will you find such a unique service on Forex – leverage of 1:3000. If you want to make a maximum profit – this is the offer for you!FBS provides other sizes of leverage too. You can check the leverages and leverage limitWe would like to remind you that we have specific regulations on leverage in correlation to the sum of... Read More

XMMargin Call Although each client is fully responsible for monitoring their trading account activity, XM follows a margin call policy to guarantee that your maximum possible risk does not exceed your account equity. As soon as your account equity drops below 50% of the margin needed to maintain your open positions, we will attempt to notify you with a margin call warning you that you do not have sufficient equity to support open positions. Stop-Out Level The stop-out level refers to the equity level at which your open positions get automatically closed. The stop-out level in a client's account is reached when the... Read More


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How to open an FBS account under the TDP linkSET A1. Go to traderdoph.com2. Scroll down then click the FBS logo3. Click Open account4. Register using your email and full name then click register as a trader5. Double-check your details then Click Proceed6. Select Mt4, USD, and 1:1000then click open account7. Save mt4 login, PW and server to your notes then click proceed to the personal area8. Click Verify Identity, input your passport # (Or any valid ID) and Date of Birth9. Upload your clear ID picture then click send request10. Wait for FBS email confirmation that the account is verified*******************************************SET B1. Download FBS app and Metatrader app2. Log in to your FBS app (click mt4# check if partner attachment is 17908953)3. Deposit Funds, Click deposit on your... Read More

How to open an account in XMSet A1. Go to traderdoph.com2. Scroll down then click the XM logo3. Fill up the registration form(trading platform type : mt4, account type : micro /standard) 4. If you have an existing account please log in if not click proceed to step 2 5. Fill up step 2 registration                      TRADING PLATFORM TYPE: mt4,             Account type: micro /standard,      Account-based currency : USD,     Leverage : 1:1000,                               Account bonus: yes 6. Input your password then click open real account 7. Log in to your email then check your mt4 logins then save it in your notes 8. Log in to then verify your account by uploading your valid ID10. 9. Wait for XM... Read More

Watch our video and find out with comfort.Like and subscribe to our channel... Read More

Watch our video and find out with comfort.Like and subscribe to our channel... Read More

There is a Local Group Policies you can set to disable the automatic restarts. This should only be done on Windows Servers assuming a sysadmin is going to RDP into the server on a regular schedule and install updates and restart the server.Press Windows Key+R to open the run prompt.Type "gpedit.msc" and press enter.In the "Local Group Policy Editor", navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.Enable the "Configure Automatic Updates" policy and set it to "2".No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations"... Read More

A client can attach their account to a Partner at any time in the trading account settings. The option is available in both versions of the Personal Area: web and application. For successful attachment, the following conditions should be met:  the client has a verified Personal Area;the client has no prior trading orders on the account they wish to attach;if the client has prior trading orders on the account they wish to attach, it can be done within one week after the trading account creation;the Introducing Broker (IB) has registered their Partner account before the client has registered the particular trading account. To perform it, you need to follow these simple steps:  Open the Personal Area;On the Dashboard, click on the trading account you want to attach:Web:App: Find... Read More

The importance of maintaining a trading journal cannot be overstated. A historical account of your trading activity not only monitors progress but also identifies strengths and weaknesses. In essence, it’s a critical part of a trader’s development. Regrettably, this is often overlooked as time-consuming or unnecessary.1. Sign UpTo begin, visit Myfxbook and Register.2. Adding and Configuring an AccountThe next phase involves adding and configuring an account. Click on Portfolio, housed on the upper panel (see figure 1.B) and select Add Account, then, once again, click Add Account at the bottom of the page, as in figure 1.C. This will bring you to Platform selection (figure 1.D) – the Auto-update version is recommended. FIGURE 1.B FIGURE 1.C FIGURE 1.D As shown... Read More

MT4 ANDROID USER GUIDE Installation •To install the MT4 app, locate the Google Play on your phone and search for ‘MetaTrader 4’ by ‘MetaQuotes Software Corporation.•Click "Install" and then open MetaTrader 4. •When the MT4 software has loaded, it will automatically start loading a Demo Account. •When that has loaded, look on the top left where you will see “Quotes” and click the 3 horizontal lines. •Then you will need to click "Manage accounts or Get Started".•Once you have done that, you will need to click on the "plus sign" which is on the top right-hand side of your screen. •Then Click on "Login to an existing account".•You will need to enter FBS or XM in the search bar and click on FBS live server or XM... Read More

How to load and change Preset FilesGo to TDP login and download the set fileThe preset files (files with an extension .set) are used to save and restore specific settings for an expert.You can access these files in the “Presets” folder which is in your “experts” folder. So when you want to use a preset file, the 1st thing is to put the file(s) you want in their correct folder.Follow this step:Step1Step 2MQL4 folderStep 3Paste the ".set" file at the preset folderStart MT4 and click on the Happy Face or press the F7 key on the PC. This will open the EA Input box Click on the LOADSelect the file you want from the one shown and click OPEN This will load the file for the EA to use and click OK to set the... Read More

Verification is necessary for work safety, prevention of unauthorized access to the personal data and funds stored on your FBS account, and smooth withdrawal. Here are four steps to verify your Personal Area: Click on your avatar on top of the page and choose "Profile settings".In the "Verification" section click on "ID verification" or follow this link.Fill in the necessary fields. Please, enter correct data, exactly matching your official documents.Upload color copies of your passport or government-issued ID with your photo and address proof in 'jpeg', 'png', 'bmp', or 'pdf' format of a total size not exceeding 5 Mb.Click the “Send request” button. It will be considered shortly after. Please, kindly be informed that you can check the status of your verification request on... Read More

How to Login to TDP WebsiteLike and subscribe to our channel... Read More

Closing a trade in a timely manner is an essential part of successful trading. MT4 Mobile provides a user-friendly interface for traders to manage their trades on the go. In this section, we will discuss how to close a trade partially.If you want to close a trade partially, follow these steps:Open the MT4 mobile app and log in to your account.Tap the “Trade” tab at the bottom of the screen.Locate the trade you wish to close and tap on it or long press.Tap the “Close” button.Enter the amount volume that you wish to close and tap “Close.” in this section from 0.04 lot we will partially  close the 0.01 lot Please note that it will work only for the minimum volume of 0.02... Read More

To take partial profit on MT4, you need to modify your current order and do the following steps:Go to the MT4 Terminal and choose the “Trade” tab.Choose your live order, click the right mouse button, and select “Modify or Delete Order.”Choose from the Type list “Market execution.”Change the volume value that you want to lock in profit. In this section from the volume of 0.04, we will partially close the 0.01 lot Select the close trade option.*Please note that it will work only for the minimum volume of 0.02... Read More