How to Load and Change Set File

How to load and change Preset Files

Go to TDP login and download the set file

The preset files (files with an extension .set) are used to save and restore specific settings for an expert.

You can access these files in the “Presets” folder which is in your “experts” folder.

So when you want to use a preset file, the 1st thing is to put the file(s) you want in their correct folder.

Follow this step:


Step 2

MQL4 folder

Step 3

Paste the ".set" file at the preset folder

Start MT4 and click on the Happy Face or press the F7 key on the PC.

This will open the EA Input box

Click on the LOAD

Select the file you want from the one shown and click OPEN

This will load the file for the EA to use and click OK to set the settings.