How to Open an Account in XM

How to open an account in XM

Set A

1. Go to
2. Scroll down then click the XM logo
3. Fill up the registration form
(trading platform type : mt4, account type : micro /standard)
 4. If you have an existing account please log in if not click proceed to step 2
 5. Fill up step 2 registration                     

  • TRADING PLATFORM TYPE: mt4,            
  • Account type: micro /standard,     
  • Account-based currency : USD,    
  • Leverage : 1:1000,                              
  • Account bonus: yes

 6. Input your password then click open real account
 7. Log in to your email then check your mt4 logins then save it in your notes
 8. Log in to then verify your account by uploading your valid ID10.
 9. Wait for XM email confirmation that the account is verified.


Set B

1. Download Metatrader app
2. Log in to
3. Deposit Funds, Click deposit on your dashboard
4. Choose your bank or any payment method
5. Get your referral link to your friend
6. Click the link and fill up the form then submit
7. Log in to your registered email address and click verify
8. Wait for the TDP approval


Set C

How to request free 3
months VPS from TDP

1. Log in to using your mt4 #, your default PW is the same as your mt4 # then nominate a new PW
2. For cent and micro-accounts, avail free TDP VPS for 3 months
3. Go to promotion
4. Request for Free VPS
5. Wait for an email notification for your free VPS logins from traderdoph (It will take 15-30mins)
6. Save your VPS log-ins to your notes.


Last step,

Send your VPS log-ins and your mt4 #, server, and password that you saved in your notes to the admins if needed.

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